Monday, August 31, 2009

(B) What would I need to do to prepare my students before the visit (consider adaptations for English learners and students with special needs)?

There are many things that I need to do to prepare my students for their visit to the observatory.

1) The first discussion prior to any field trip is safety precautions. Discuss possible scenarios with the students such as getting lost or injured. Have a plan set in to place that is clear enough for every student to understand. Inform them the dangers of the nature walk such as not walking too close to the edge and always staying at eyes view of the adults.

2) The students will be spending plenty of time walking and being active so it is important to make sure everyone has plenty of water to drink. Staying hydrated is extremely important to avoid heat strokes or loss of energy. Dehydration is severely dangerous and the students should be aware of that. Also making sure that they have plenty of sunscreen for the time of the nature walk.

3) Students need knowledge about what astronomy is. Students begin to learn about astronomy in the fifth grade so if you are taking younger students in make sure they have an idea about astronomy and the universe.

4) Students need knowledge of the observatory. Discuss the various exhibits the observatory has to offer in both the exterior and interior as well as history about the Griffith park observatory.

5) The key to making this a successful trip is to make it fun. Engage the students in discussions about the world out there beyond anything we can see. Get them pumped up about visiting this wonderful site and this will be a trip they will likely cherish for years to come.

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  1. Yes, it is helpful for students to have background knowledge about the place they will be visiting and what it is about.