Monday, August 31, 2009

(A) What special benefits could my students gain from visiting this site?

There are many benefits to visiting this site! Griffith Park Observatory sits atop Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles California. My students have the opportunity to enjoy a FREE trip to an amazing place that came to be thanks to the dream of one man, Col. Griffith Jenkins, Griffith (pictured up above). Thanks to his grand donation to the city of Los Angeles, they were able to build an expansive observatory where people from all around the world can come to L.A. and see the sky through the eyes of an astronomer.
My students can learn an abundance of information about the world beyond the naked eye. There are various scientific exhibits, as well as telescopes in which children can get a better view of the sky. Besides learning, students can participate in a simple 3 mile round trip nature walk up to the observatory where they will have the opportunity to see beautiful Los Angeles in a panoramic view! This is a great opportunity to share with students the importance of practicing safety when going on a hike. This will be a memory my students will cherish forever and possibly be able to share with their children some day.
FYI: There are school programs availalble but there are limitations. Please visit the website for further inquiry: Griffith Observatory - School Programs

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  1. The observatory is tons of fun. Students will definitely have a fun filled experience learning about astronomy and viewing Los Angeles from the hilltop. I agree that students will cherish this fieldtrip forever..I know I did.